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miRDB provides additional web interface below for more flexible miRNA target search. You may search targets by providing your own sequence. In addition, target search can also be performed for unconventional sites in the coding region or 5'-UTR.

1) Target prediction with user-provided miRNA or gene target sequence

Submission type:
Example miRNA submission   Example target mRNA submission

Custom miRNA sequences must be between 17 and 30 bases long; custom mRNA target sequences must be between 100 and 30,000 bases long.  Please submit only one sequence at a time, consisting of A, T or U, C and G.  Please note that all spaces, line breaks, and numbers within the submission will be removed, and multiple lines will be joined together to create a single sequence.


2) Search for unconventional target sites in the coding region or 5'-UTR

Search by miRNA name

Search by gene target

These options are provided for a database search for miRNA targets beyond the 3' UTR. Additional targets are accessible for the 5' UTR and the coding region.

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