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Citation Policy

If you have included miRDB target prediction data in your paper, please cite the miRDB paper below.

    The target prediction database, miRDB:

  • Nathan Wong and Xiaowei Wang (2015) miRDB: an online resource for microRNA target prediction and functional annotations. Nucleic Acids Research. 43(D1):D146-152.

    The target prediction algorithm, MirTarget:

  • Xiaowei Wang (2016) Improving microRNA target prediction by modeling with unambiguously identified microRNA-target pairs from CLIP-Ligation studies. Bioinformatics. 32(9):1316-1322.  

    Older references for previous versions:

  • Xiaowei Wang and Issam M. El Naqa (2008) Prediction of both conserved and nonconserved microRNA targets in animals. Bioinformatics 24(3):325-332.

  • Xiaowei Wang (2008) miRDB: a microRNA target prediction and functional annotation database with a wiki interface. RNA 14(6):1012-1017

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